Why are you not paying for the film yourselves?

Ex-Dominatrix is five years in the making and up until now, entirely funded by the Director / Producer Darren Cavanagh. Filming is now done. We're three quarters of the way to the finishing line and need your help to get there and the more we raise the quicker, better and shown / sent to more people the film will be.

What will the funds raised be used for?

In one word: post-production. This includes getting an experienced editor, grader, mixer and animator to the create fantastic animated sequences throughout the film, covering all PR and marketing costs, website upkeep, graphic design, DVD manufacturing, production of perks, festival and associated distribution costs, etc

When will Ex-Dominatrix be finished?

Our Indiegogo campaign is running during the whole month of June and into July. With animation yet to be created and the film to be edited, we know that the more you help us raise, the quicker we can finish the film to a higher standard within 2015.

When will I get my perk?

Each perk has its own delivery time. Please refer back to our campaign page for updates!

Are all perks available worldwide?

Yes, anything that can be posted to you will be posted, regardless of your location, however, many of the perks require your physical presence so if you go for premiere tickets for example, you'll have to plan your own travel and overnight stay arrangements.